Friday, June 6, 2008

When Clergy are Bullied

As difficult as it is for us to admit the abuse of clergy by senior officials in the church and by some laity is more common than we would care to admit. Many would rather bury their heads in the sand than admit that such at terrible situation could exist in our Church.

Bullying can take many forms:



Failure to enforce church canons that may be helpful to clergy

Not providing fair and reasonable priced access to church courts when clergy have a grievance

Accurate and public record keeping of instances when bishops may be using their power unfairly

Financial arrangements made with clergy but then not kept

Giving clergy inaccurate profiles when trying to attract them to ministry in a parish.

The following two articles were recently published by the Church Times and I bring them before you for your attention:

- Report Urges Church to Face Up to Its Bullies


- Parish Guidlines Aim to End Bullying

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God"s love is for all creation

God"s love is for all creation
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