Tuesday, May 1, 2007

More on Bishops

Bishop Derek’s Post Easter Communiqué to Diocese of Calgary Clergy

On Friday April 27, 2007 Anglican clergy in the Diocese of Calgary received an email from Bishop Derek Hoskin.

The first part was a reflection on finding ourselves at this point in our post Easter journey and how at times it is easy to dismiss religious leaders. I confess that I found this point almost an apology for what was to follow, a statement from the Rupert’s Land House of Bishops which essentially calls for more delays on authorizing the blessing of samesex unions to say nothing of moving on to authorizing samesex marriages. Perhaps the inclusion on this statement may give us some guidance on how Bishop Hoskins intends to vote at the upcoming General Synod in Winnipeg.

What I find interesting is what is not included in the Bishop’s note to the clergy. Although the May issue of the Sower reports that the Bishop believes more healing is needed in the Diocese, I see no visible sign that he has shown an ongoing interest in the ministry of Integrity to the LGBT members of his diocese. The Integrity web site suggests it will not meet for worship until at least June (isn’t that when General Synod is) and Integrity usually closes for the summer after that service. Integrity has virtually disappeared from the pages of the Diocesan newspaper, The Sower.

Other helpful material could have been included in his message which indicated the need to move ahead with the blessing of samesex unions.

In addition to providing a critique of the role and actions of Anglican bishops, this site will endeavor to provide positive resources for gays, lesbians, their family and friends. I have advised Bishop Hoskins that the Rocky Mountain Center will provide blessings of the relationships for samesex couples. We will also be developing a Canada wide confidential list of those clergy who believe God has called them to offer a blessing of samesex relationships but fear reprisals from their bishops. The Center will then serve as intermediary between couples wishing a blessing and those prepared to offer it. Clergy willing to have their names go on a confidential list of those prepared to bless samesex relationships are invited to contact Frank Doe at the Rocky Mountain Center for Progressive Faith and Work at faithtowork@yahoo.ca.

As a first step in providing additional resources for prayerful consideration by all within the Diocese of Calgary and other Diocese in Canada we offer our first article.


Rev. Canon Marilyn McCord Adams is Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford University. In a speech to a group in England following the recent meeting of Primates in Tanzanian she offered the following thoughts on the outcome of the meeting:

In the future full membership in the Anglican Communion will require local churches to enforce anti-LGBT policies.

The Tanzanian Primates meeting appears to have enacted a new authoritarian polity for the Anglican communion: it appears that the Anglican communion is to be governed by a collective papacy, an international college of primates exercising dictatorial powers.

How can LGBT people live in a church with such policies and governed by an authoritarian group that could deliver more of the same?

To read the full text of Rev. Canon Marilyn McCord Adams’ address click on the following link:


God"s love is for all creation

God"s love is for all creation
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