Saturday, March 3, 2007

Objectives of the Rocky Mountain Center for Progressive Faith and Works Ltd

March 2, 2007

  • To encourage the reading and study of sacred scriptures and teachings and to explore other texts as may be deemed appropriate.
  • To provide spiritual counseling, quiet days, retreats and worship opportunities.
  • To support the work of other individuals and groups working to end poverty, seek social justice and peace and to promote the health of ecosystems and wildlife.
  • To educate society through regular religious, social, political and environmental commentary.
  • To provide worship opportunities and to assist groups in designing their own worship experiences.
  • To provide acceptance, opportunities for prayer, healing and new growth for those who feel they have been rejected by their faith group.
  • To advocate and provide support and assistance to clergy who believe they have been mistreated by the religous body they have served as well as provide opportunities for them to share their stories.
  • Although the Center will not be licensed to perform marriages, it will offer to bless same sex relationships and design the ceremony in conjunction with those involved.


God"s love is for all creation

God"s love is for all creation
God has many names