Saturday, March 3, 2007

Institutional Church threatens the Gospel Message

March 3, 2007

The greatest damage to the Gospel message is done by institutional church. Once again this week we have been forced to witness yet another example of this.
In Canada the House of Commons once again voted in favour of allowing gay couples to marry. Yet the Roman Catholic Church continues to use the sacrament of Holy Communion as a weapon against those who do not toe the party line against gay marriage. This week we heard of yet another married gay couple who were denied Holy Communion because they were married.
At the same time we have former Chilean military dictator Augusto Pinochet being granted last rites by the Roman Catholics and a funeral service with the princes of the church decked out in their finery.
What is the message this branch of the Christian Church is trying to get across? Are they saying that it is more acceptable to steal power from a democracy in a bloody revolution and use torture to keep that power than it is to give your life fully and completely to another human being in a life long commitment of faithful love?
Perhaps these aren’t even the questions we should be asking. Instead maybe we should be demanding an answer to the question: “In whose name does the Roman Catholic Church or any other Christian church deny the sacrament of communion, given to us by a loving Heavenly Father to children of that Heavenly Father.”
Certainly the institutional church needs to repent of this shameful and sinful act.
Dictator or loving couple Holy Communion is a gift to all from a loving God.


God"s love is for all creation

God"s love is for all creation
God has many names