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Help for Religious Leaders

Help Us Support Clergy Who Have Been Mistreated or Denied Justice
The Rocky Mountain Center for Progressive Faith and Works Ltd is in the process of developing a Canada wide resource base to assist religious leaders of all faith groups who have been abused, denied natural justice, bullied, or denied fair access to the internal justice structures of faith groups.
We invite lay and ordained members of all faith to communities to help us in developing these resources by:
  • sending us copies of faith group laws, rules and structures which you consider to be unjust, abusive or discriminatory;
  • examples of progressive faith representatives whom you believe have been silenced by religious authorities;
  • encourage individuals who believe they have experienced first hand such unjust treatment to send us their stories and any supporting documentation;
  • provide us with the names, addresses and other contact of lawyers and legal firms who have had experience representing individuals who have experienced such injustice or have been treated unfairly and may be willing to do so again.
  • the contact information for other individuals and groups who are engaged in a similar work.

It is helpful if this information can be provided to us by email or in a pdf or doc format.

We can be contacted at:

The Rocky Mountain Center for Progressive Faith and Works Ltd.

Frank Doe, B.E.S., M.Div. Director

340 Hoodoo Crescent

Canmore, Alberta T1W 1A9



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Rocky Mountain Center for Progressive Christian Faith and Works Ltd

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God"s love is for all creation
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